There are wonderful experiences when playing with people we've never met before. The musical synergies go a long way to suggesting the possibilities for other common ground. On many occasions Gordon has played with new acquaintances, and sometimes on tunes he has never heard before, in the context of a dance where there is no time to stop and figure out the arrangement. The resulting creativity and spontaneity has left more than one fiddler in awe and appreciation. 
In addition to primary collaborators (see left), Gordon has a wide network of musicians to draw from, allowing him to put together an ensemble for many different types of situations including contra dances, private parties, weddings, funerals, or just background music.


Lisa Sieverts
Mary DesRosiers
Diane Goodman
Amy Cann
David Millstone
Tony Parkes
Beth Parkes

Matt Harris ~ fiddle
Carey Bluhm ~ fiddle
Amy Cann ~ fiddle
Jane Orzechowski ~ fiddle
Harvey Tolman ~ fiddle
Roger Treat ~ fiddle
Deanna Stiles - flute and fiddle
Sarah Bauhan - flute and whistle
David Surette - guitar, mandolin
Spencer Peery ~ electric guitar
Max Nunnemaker ~ saxophone, bass
Lisa Baglione ~ singer
David Cantieni ~ woodwinds