Gordon's affiliation with Skip Gorman began in in 1989 when he joined Randy Miller and Rodney Miller in forming the New Hampshire Fiddlers Union (see history). Since then Gordon has played on several of Skip's recordings. 

Skip is an amazing musician whose interpretive skills cross many genres. As a bluegrass mandolin player, Skip enjoys a stellar reputation: someone once said Skip sounds more like Bill Monroe than Bill Monroe does. Then he's got his genre of cowboy songs, where he is equally admired. Finally, as a fiddler he is able to capture the subtleties that distinguish Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, and Appalachian genres. 

The New Hampshire Fiddlers Union played at the 10th Annual Shetland Folk Festival in 1989. Though the band was short lived, the musical associations formed from that project all took on a life of their own. 

Gordon has played with Skip for dances and concerts. Together they presented a program about contra dance music at the Monadnock Lyceum in Peterborough, NH. Gordon also taught piano at Camp Backup, a weekend musical retreat Skip organized in the fall of 2016 and again in 2017. 

If there is an area of specialty that defines Skip and Gordon's music, it is the playing of airs and waltzes - music that is overflowing with sadness and beatury. Skip's extraordinary bowing captures the essence of teardrops, and Gordon's eloquent accompaniment creates an underlying ocean of emotion.