Several of Gordon's musical endeavors are not available as recordings, or through streaming. 

Here are a few samples not available elsewhere (click on the highlighted titles) 

The Hotel Nelson was a musical play about the history of Nelson, New Hampshire. The text and original songs were contributed by many individuals. Gordon wrote the opening and closing scenes of the play, and composed three songs. This is the final scene and song. 
Hills of Nelson . This performance of the song features Jazimina MacNeil (accompanied by Gordon) at a concert at the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music in Nelson, on July 10, 2018.

In 2019 Eric Stumacher, director of the Keene Chamber Orchestra, asked Gordon to compose a piece of music to be played by that orchestra and about 60 elementary, middle and high school string players (mostly violins). The challenge was to write something at was accessible to young musicians, but which also allowed for more complex components featuring members of the orchestra. And Eric wanted the theme to have a tie in to the contradance music which he had heard Gordon playing on many occasions. The performance, regrettably, suffered from under rehearsing, and in any case, was not recorded. What we have here is a synthesized arrangement of the score played from Sibelius (music composition software). It is therefore lacking in the audio quality that would be provided by a regular orchestra, but might be appreciated listened to with a grain of salt. 

The piece is called Joyful, and after an introduction it goes into 6/8 (jig) tempo. The second part is a waltz, and the third is in reel (4/4) tempo. These are the common musical forms for contra dances.  

In 2012 Gordon was asked to narrate a Monadnock Lyceum program honoring Bob McQuillen. His narrative surrounded the performance of music by Bob on piano, Jane Orzechowski, fiddle, and Deanna Stiles, flute and fiddle. 

The last segment of the program featured the entrance of 40 musicians, ranging from 10 to 80 years old. This part was a surprise for Bob. Here is that segment. 

A Celebration of New England Contra Dance Music: Honoring Bob McQuillen_Last Segment from Gordon Peery on Vimeo.

For those wishing to watch the full hour-long program:

A Celebration of New England Contra Dance Music: Honoring Bob McQuillen from Gordon Peery on Vimeo.

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Gordon Peery started playing piano for contra dances in the late 1970's, At that time he also worked as a cook at the Folkway Restaurant and Coffeehouse in Peterborough, New Hampshire. That gave him the opportunity to meet and occasionally play with the many musicians who came to play there, as the Folkway became a major venue on the folk music circuit.  

Gordon is a sought-after musician for contra dances. Fiddlers and other melody players appreciate the orchestral accompaniment that he provides, and callers appreciate the energy that his playing brings to the dance floor. 

Gordon's reputation as a piano player grew significantly during the ten years from 1985 to 1995 when he was playing with the late Kerry Elkin in the band Fresh Fish. During this time he also played with Rodney Miller, Randy Miller, and Skip Gorman in the New Hampshire Fiddlers Union, who played at the 10th annual Shetland Folk Festival. 

In recent years Gordon's music has expanded in many directions, to include jazz, blues, rock and roll, as well as Celtic music in concert settings. In addition to performing, Gordon is a composer, arranger, workshop leader, and musical project organizer. 

Gordon was a founding director of the Monadnock Folklore Society, which continues to present concerts in the Nelson Town Hall. For several years he was President of the Board of the Monadnock Center for History and Culture in Peterborough, where he launched the Music in Bass Hall concert series.

Gordon has taught piano workshops in a variety of settings, including music and dance camps such as Ashokan, Pinewoods. and the Augusta Heritage Center. He was on the staff of Maine Fiddle Camp for the June sessions in 2018, and will be returning in 2019.